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Yoga Central

  • What do I wear?

    Comfortable clothing. Summer - shorts and Tshirt. Winter - tights/shorts, Tshirt, and warm top (nothing too baggy). Clean bare feet.

  • Should I eat or drink before Yoga?

    Allow 2 to 3 hours to elapse after a main meal before your practise. A drink of water, juice, or tea, and a light snack an hour before is ok. Avoid alcohol before class.

  • How often should I come to classes?

    Students usually start coming to class once a week, but soon find that coming more often assists their understanding and progress. It helps both you and your teacher by coming regularly to class.

  • What if I have health problems

    Please advise the teacher before class if you have health issues, such as sore neck, back, knees, ankle, shoulder etc.  There are some asanas that can help with recovery, and others to avoid.



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